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Super Absorbent Magic Doormat (2021 version)

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Exactly as Advertised


FirstQuote Love the feel. They seem to be doing exactly as advertised. There was a small problem with one it had a blemish on it. Look like it had some material missing when they made it. I emailed the company and Anna took the email. She was great right from the start. I told her of the problem. She had me send pictures of the mat. She said that was unacceptable and sent me out a replacement. Now that’s great customer service. Thanks Anna. I would recommend this company and product in a heartbeat. Thanks again.EndQuote

-Stanley Z. (Verified Customer) May 21, 2021

Our new and improved absorbent doormat will completely transform days at home from dreadful to delightful. Save yourself from the daily battle cry of “Take your shoes off!”

How does it work? Our mat's unique cotton and polyester blend is specifically engineered to trap dirt, mud, water, and other small particles right at the door. Not only that, its low profile and thickness allow doors to be opened and closed with ease. Also, our odorless, anti-slip PVC backing keeps your mat in place and is safe on all floors, unlike a traditional rubber-backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors. These features of our mat guarantee your floors will be pristine, even on the busiest of days. Oh, and did we mention? When it gets dirty, all you need to do is just throw it in the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning!

If you have multiple pets and children, you may be wondering if this doormat can really stand up to heavy foot and paw traffic. Hundreds of satisfied customers have assured us that it does! Our super-absorbent thread technology allows us to offer a heavy-duty doormat with a slim and attractive design. Our new and improved 2021 version features reinforced threading around the edges for a sharper look and long-lasting durability.

5 reasons why people love our Magic Doormat:

  • ✅ Keeps your home clean. Instead of having to constantly see your clean floors ruined by animal or foot traffic, our mat's super absorbent fibers keeps dirt, mud, and water outside - where it should be! 
  • Keeps you & your family safe. When water or mud gets onto your floors, it makes them become slippery which can lead to accidental falls or injuries. With our mat, you can keep them nice and dry to make sure no falls occur.
  • Saves you time. No longer will you have to spend hours on your hands and knees removing stains from your floor. Now you can just throw this mat in the wash when it gets dirty!
  • Saves you money. By keeping your floors clean, you will not have to spend as much on cleaning supplies and housekeepers. You will no longer need them!
  • ✅ Eliminates your stress/anxiety. It's stressful living in a dirty home! Keep your anxieties and stress at bay with a cleaner house altogether!


What do rain and snow days look like at your house? Do you spend hours reading your favorite book and watching TV, or hours spreading out towels and mopping up mud and water? If you have kids, a husband, a boyfriend, or pets, you know that wet days outside equate to a constant battle to keep your floors clean. Our magic doormat will save you from having to catch people and pets at the door to towel off their feet. You’ll be able to relax knowing that your floors will stay safe and dry! Order TODAY ONLY for 50% OFF and see the difference it can make - just pick your color and size and then click the blue BUY IT NOW button!


What's included:

  • 1x Super-Absorbent Magic Doormat (2021 version)
  • 1x a safer and cleaner home for family, friends, and pets
  • 1x a happier, more relaxed you!


CONGRATULATIONS! You read to the very bottom of the page. Use discount code MAGIC for 10% OFF your order. Note: This cannot be combined with any other offers.


We’re here to make your life easier and keep your home safer and cleaner. If for any reason you find that our mat does not achieve those goals, contact us within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.