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Super Absorbent Fibers

Our mat's unique cotton and polyester blend is engineered to trap dirt, mud, water, and other small particles right at the door.

Non-slip backing

Our odorless, anti-slip PVC backing keeps your mat in place and is safe on all floors, unlike a traditional rubber-backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors.

Easy to Clean

Whenever your mat gets dirty, you can either quickly run your vacuum over it or just throw it in the washing machine on delicate!

5 reasons why people love our Magic Doormat

Keeps your home clean.

Instead of having to constantly see your clean floors ruined by
animal or foot traffic, our mat's super absorbent fibers keeps
dirt, mud, and water outside - where it should be!

Keeps you & your family safe.

When water or mud gets onto your floors, it makes them
become slippery which can lead to accidental falls or injuries.
With our mat, you can keep them nice and dry to make sure no
falls occur.

Saves you time.

No longer will you have to spend hours on your hands and
knees removing stains from your floor. Now you can just throw
this mat in the wash when it gets dirty!

Saves you money.

By keeping your floors clean, you will not have to spend as
much on cleaning supplies and housekeepers. You will no
longer need them!

Reduces your stress / anxiety.

It's stressful living in a dirty home! Keep your anxieties and
stress at bay with a cleaner house altogether!

How does it work?

Our mat's unique fibers were specifically engineered to trap dirt, mud, and water right at the door. Not only that, our low profile design
allows your door to be opened and closed with ease. Also, our odorless, anti-slip backing keeps your mat in place and is safe on all floors,
unlike a traditional rubber-backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors.These features of our mat guarantee your floors will be
pristine, even on the busiest of days. Oh, and did we mention? When it gets dirty, all you need to do is just throw it in the washing machine
for hassle-free cleaning!

No More
Dirty Footprints

Instantly Absorbs

No More
Hard Work

Rubber Backing

Keeps Floors Safer

Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow the 3 steps below:
1. Vacuum the mat to get rid the excess lint
2. Wash it using your machine in an easy/delicate cycle with cold water.
3.Then, hang it dry within 24 hours for optimum results!

For US addresses, your order is shipped from our Illinois warehouse and will arrive in 2-4 days.
For international, normal delivery takes 15-20 days. However, there are delays for international deliveries due to the pandemic.

Our recommendation is to throw it in the wash on easy/delicate with a little bit of laundry detergent. Afterwards, air / hang dry it for 24 hours. You can tumble dry in the an automatic dryer if necessary.

Yes, the purpose of washing the mat before using it helps fluff up, because during shipping it becomes very compressed. In order to have an absorbent effect it needs to be fluffed.

Yes, you can. However, you need to be careful. Just put it on delicate and proceed with caution. Low agitation / delicate mode will work with the Mats. Make sure to monitor its cycle and you don't have to spin it for a long time because it might wrapped around during the spinning cycle and ruins it.

Yes, latex is used in the production of the backing. We would recommend not using our mat if you are allergic to it.

208 reviews (5 star rating)

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

If for some reason, our door mat doesn't work for you - we'll give you a full refund + pay for return shipping. It's our way of standing behind our products.

215 reviews (5 star rating)

About Us

In 2019, we started our company with one vision: to keep floors cleaner and safer all throughout the U.S. We also do our best to hire and create jobs within the U.S. If you need to get in touch with us, you can contact us in any of the methods listed below.